Music Of Week | 全球榜单音乐,蹦迪必备歌单!

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Spring flowers bloom, new songs come.

The bright spring is getting closer, and the people who want to go out for a long time are beginning to get restless. Before you go out, listen to a new song this week. The small editor specially selected a few of the electric sounds of spring. Hope can send you to good mood, put on the headset we begin!


歌曲:Everybody Hates Me

歌手:The Chainsmokers

音乐风格:Future Bass


《you own me》,but i am a 《sick boy》,so 《everybody hates me》。烟鬼最新三首歌连起来就像是一句完整的话,为前段时间组合成员 Alex Pall 出轨事件做回应。澳洲网红鼓手 Matt McGuire 的加盟使组合更加全面,整首曲子弦乐鼓点恰到好处、温柔不失躁动。唱歌上瘾的 Drew 继续担任 vocal,这次不仅唱歌,开头还带来了一小段 rap。

On Friday, the Yanks met everyone with a new single!

"You own me", but I am a "sick boy", so "everybody hates me". The latest three songs are a complete statement, in response to a previous episode of Alex Pall's affair. Australian net red drummer Matt McGuire's joining makes the combination more comprehensive, the whole piece of string drumming is just right, gentle and do not break the agitation. The singing addict Drew continues to be vocal, this time not only singing, but also at the beginning of a short rap.


歌曲:Remind Me to Forget

歌手:Kygo & Miguel

风格:Tropical house

这次他携手《飞屋环游记》主题曲演唱者---美国知名唱作人 Miguel 为我们带来了一首动感的电音。K 神从《Kids in Love》专辑后逐步弱化了人声切片,变成了人声+Tropical+钢琴的一种混合音色搭配,给人一种魔幻的感觉。这首清新又不失律动的作品,你喜欢吗?

This time, he joined hands with "the flying house" theme song singer - the famous American singer Miguel has brought us a dynamic electric sound. After the release of "Kids in Love", the K god gradually reduced the human voice slice, and became a mixed tone match of human voice +Tropical+ piano, giving people a magical feeling. This fresh and rhythmic work, do you like it?



歌手:Skrillex &  What So Not & KLP


要么隐身,要么怒刷存在感。SK 大神这段时间还真是让人捉摸不透。就在本周,Skrillex 联手其厂牌 OWSLA 旗下艺人 What So Not 及 KLP 为我们带来了又一首新单曲。这次,Skrillex 不再打养生碟,其浓郁的个人风格贯穿全曲,炸耳的 bass更是让人感叹:曾经的那个 Skrillex 回来了!

Be invisible, or be angry. SK god has been a mystery for some time. Just this week, Skrillex teamed up with its OWSLA artist What So Not and KLP to bring us another new single. This time, Skrillex is no longer on the health plate, its full-bodied personal style runs through the whole song, and the bass is even more exclamatory: the former Skrillex is back! 


歌曲:Top Off

歌手:Dj Khaled & Jay-Z & Future & Beyoncé


Dj Khaled 联手Jay-Z、 Future 、碧神发布新单《Top Off》这也是 Dj Khaled 新专的首单!这卡司太强大了,歌听着还是不错的,四个人轮流Rap 轰炸,加入碧神局的女声是亮点!

Dj Khaled has teamed up with jay-z, Future and bee to release the new Top Off, which is also the first of Dj Khaled's new special. This card company is too strong, the song is still good, four people take turns Rap, join bi shen's female voice is the bright spot!


歌曲:The Middle

歌手:Zedd & Grey&Maren Morris

音乐风格:Electric house

萌猴 Zedd 与 Grey&Maren Morris 合作的新单《The Middle》终于发行啦看了封面就忍不住会联想到了 A 神鸽王这首不仅旋律棒,而且节奏感超强,怕是又要抖断腿了祝萌猴新歌大受好评!

Of monkey and Zedd Grey&Maren Morris cooperation new single "The Middle" finally released The cover can not but think to this song melody not only great king of A god pigeons, and super rhythm, even to shake A leg again ZhuMeng monkey new song big popular!


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