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楼主 2022-03-27 13:56:40
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TheTrueDeerLord 33分

I'm honestly just baffled at this point that 1) this poll still exists and 2) anyone takes the result at all seriously. It's not about DJ skill or production quality, it's just "who has a recognizable brand with a name i can dump in the form this year?"

If there was any way to make this poll better, it would be to have nominees for specific categories (production, mixing, etc) and then label the popularity contest as a "fan vote/most popular DJ award." 

我很困惑这几点:1)这榜单竟然还活着 2)做这个榜单的你是认真的吗?这排名跟DJ技术或是作品都没关系,重要的是那个人有个不错的公司然后就可以把名字扔进这个榜单?


Calivt 50分 

I love Martin Garrix, but Hardwell has had a legendary year. No way he should be lower than 2, but the iPads strike again.

Also, where's RL Grime?

At least my girl Alison made it at all.


还有,RL Grime去哪儿了?

不过至少我家Alison Wonderland上榜了。

ComplexChristian 47分 

Hardwell at 4? FUCK THAAAAAT


ComplexChristian 36分 

iPads man, Fuck Tomorrowland for allowing them to do that shit and banning Hardwell there


*:前年,Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike曾被多人爆料称他们雇人拉游客在街头通过iPad给他们投票

CydexTM 39分 

Have to say this, Martin Garrix has been using iPads as well. My girlfriend was approached to vote for him while waiting for a train at a central station. DJMag is just vote-based and people should start accepting that. It is not a list of the best DJ's, just the most popular.


Rivale 19分 

RIP DJ Chetas

安息吧,DJ Chetas*


mklasnic8 30分 

Steve Angello @ 82. Never did I think Dj Mag would get this bad.

Steve Angello排名82.从没想过DJ Mag会烂成这样。

mklasnic8 5分 

honestly, the good producers just don't give a shit and they know how stupid this thing is and they know to stay true to their music because their fans will always be there regardless. Other notables that pissed me off was Rayel, Deadmau5, and Romero's positions

其实,好的制作人并不在乎这榜单,他们知道这东西有多傻。他们知道他们只要对音乐走心,他们的粉丝就会一直粉他们。还有让我火冒的是Andrew Rayel,Deadmau5,Nicky Romero的排名。

christian_1234 5分 

What about Kaskade not even being on it the last few years?



KAYZO, Arty, Audien, Kaskade didn’t make it ... lmao


Psirocking 50分 

Kaskade could literally headline any festival in the USA lol



Easily, even Coachella.


Iflosswithbarbedwire 36分

I’m just here to read all the butthurt comments


mich4725 39分 

Biggest jokes on this list:

Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike


Danny Avila


Wolfpack (wtf is this)

It's just funny how high they are lol


Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike


Danny Avila




SativaSammy 10分

I'm pretty sure Wolfpack are good friends with DVLM, and at this point DVLM probably has some pull with the magazine.

(回复楼上)我很确定,Wolfpack他们俩是Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike的好朋友,可能他们俩赞助了DJMag杂志吧。

mich4725 8分 

Who tf is DJ L at 98, I can't even find him on any social medias


piiggggg 8分 

And why is W&W or NWYR not getting into top 10?


NolanDevotee 1分 

They're not rich enough


OberynNymerosViper 29分 

Where the fuck is Vicetone

Where the fuck is Dyro

Porter at 96?

Hardwell at 4?

David fucking Guetta is still that high?

I know it’s a shitty list but this takes it to the next level

Vicetone在哪儿?Dyro在哪儿?Porter Robinson在96?Hardwell第四?David 他妈 Guetta还是那么高?我知道这榜单就是坨屎,但是显然现在更屎了。

PoisenBow 13分 

 DVLM and store-brand DVLM can fuck off tho

Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike跟他们的公司一起滚吧

tanban21 10分 

I'm pumped about mike williams getting on for the first time at 60!! Can't wait to see what he does in the future.

Mike Williams第一次进榜排60?令人窒息,等不及看他接下来的操作了。


I think in the future he will doing future house :)

(回复楼上)我认为在future(未来)他会做future house。

Inspinitey 10分 

Garrix played the exact same set all year 

Martin Garrix同一个set打了一整年

jcesar__ 4分 

This is just absurd, Axwell /\ ingrosso at 21 ? What’s worse than that is hardwell at 4 ?! Come on he makes way better sets than Martin Garrix . Don’t get me wrong Martin Garrix is great and I listen to him, but he doesn’t have the exciting mashups like hardwell. And Steve angello is at 82?!?! This is just bull shit .

贼难受,Axwell /\ ingrosso 排第21?比那更糟的是,Hardwell第四?!大哥,他的set比Martin Garrix好太多了吧。不否认Martin也不错,我也听他歌。可是他并没有像Hardwell那样的Mashup。然后Steve Angello第82?扯淡呢?

christian_1234 2分 

Dubstep artists never do well in the DJ Mag. People from all over the world vote. Bassnectar is pretty much only popular in North America. Most people who like Bassnectar probably don't even vote. Same with probably Zeds Dead and RL Grime. I'm sure their fans probably couldn't care less to vote.

Dubstep艺人很少出现在榜单里。全世界的人都会投票。Bassnectar只在北美人气这么高。喜欢他的人很少投票。Zeds Dead。RL Grime这些人也是一个情况。我确定他们的粉丝完全不在乎投票。

El_Tramberino 3分 

All the people complaining about Hardwell DVLM etc. noone cares about Steve Aoki? Dudes shows are horrible.

全都在说Hardwell和DVLM,没人说Steve Aoki?大哥,他的现场太烂了。


also a big joke in the top 10


mich4725 9分 

Different year, same bullshit. This list should be banned, it's a cancer to EDM.


ExoticToaster 5分 

Seriously, I could write a fucking essay on everything wrong with this list. How did Armin van Buuren not get #1 after the year he had? How are the chainsmokers 6th? How is Marshmello 10th? How are DV&LM 2nd? How is Nicky Romero 50th and Paul van Dyk 51st? How are Arty and Kaskade not even on the list, yet the likes of Carnage is? The entire concept of these lists is just toxic.

讲真,我可以写一篇文章来吐槽这榜单。Armin Van Buuren得了第一之后怎么掉下来的?烟卷为什么第六?Marshmello怎么到第十的?DVLM怎么到第二的?而Nicky Romero和Paul van Dyk是怎么掉到50和51名的?为毛Arty和Kaskade不在这个榜单上?Carnage呢?整个榜单都有毒

JohnCenaMadness 4分 

How did Lost Frequencies went to 26 immediately? I thought he was relevant years ago with Are You With Me? Did anything new?

失频是怎么突然排到26的?我只记得他几年前的Are You With Me,还有啥新歌吗?

btw03 2分 

He's managed by the same people as DVLM...


alimobali 4分 

Skrillex is below Marshmello and Steve Aoki. Enough said.

This list is trash, always has been always will be. It's about the money

Skrillex比Marshmello和Steve Aoki低。无话可说。



Avicii #28?! What did he do last year? And Chainsmokers in the top 10? Puh-lease.